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my little underground

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[06 Jan 2009|11:04pm]

anybody get that new b-sides box set that recently came out?  curious to hear your thoughts
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Jesus Christ and the Mary Chain [16 Mar 2008|03:21am]


The Reid brothers seem very religious from what I've interpreted behind their lyrics and reading interviews. They sometimes speak/sing about Jesus Christ as a person. What is their religion and what's the story behind their views (if there even is one)? I'm not religious at all either, so I can be a little bothered when I'm singing lyrics about Jesus Christ.
I'm ultimately a big JAMC fan but I'm just very curious about it for I truly admire the Mary Chain.
Also, does anyone know how they decided upon their name? Its brilliant.
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[11 Feb 2008|12:07am]

i had read on aprils skies that Liz Phair had a song that quoted some JAMC lyrics..
in case you had not heard it, i uploaded it here:

Sometimes a Dream is what Makes You a Slave

let me know what you think.
of cindy

All things must pass [09 Nov 2007|11:51pm]

Could someone please upload the studio version of "All things must pass"?

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[21 Aug 2007|12:17am]

from myspace:

New US tour dates announced!
We've just announced some US tour dates for October. Spread the word.

10.20.07 House of Blues (LV) Las Vegas, NV
10.21.07 House of Blues (OC) Anaheim, CA
10.23.07 Wiltern Theatre Los Angeles, CA
10.26.07 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA
10.27.07 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA

Tickets will be going on sale shortly.
of cindy

[05 Jul 2007|08:03am]

im looking for a specific marychain quote that says:

"you should play your first gig 30 minutes after buying your first guitar"

cant remember where i read it, just know that someone said it.
of cindy

[04 Jul 2007|01:25am]

at coachella,the guy i stood next to was recording the audio during the jesusandmary chain's set.

havent heard from him since, so i ask, does anybody have the audio from the Coachella performance..?
of cindy

someways always [28 Jun 2007|03:43am]

"Once the most dynamic live partnership in British music, the lives of William and Jim Reid - of the Jesus and Mary Chain - were a world apart. Former bandmate John Moore tracks the brothers down to see what brought them back together again..." CLICK HERE FOR MORE (and Moore)

...from the Guardian UK (Monday June 18, 2007)
of cindy

[24 May 2007|04:33pm]

The Jesus & Mary Chain live on Letterman - May 21st 2007

of cindy

In Progress by Blue Diner out now! [23 May 2007|10:37am]

With their lush guitars and ethereal vocals, Boston-based band Blue Diner is modern shoegaze reminiscent of early Jesus and Mary Chain and Catherine Wheel. Named for the 24-hour hangout in Boston that they would spend their time at before and after recording sessions, Blue Diner consists of Skot Kremen and Adam Keller, musicians and best friends since childhood.

Growing up in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Skot and Adam began doing music together while still in high school. Early projects were influenced by bands such as Love and Rockets, Slowdive and Siouxsie and the Banshees.

Skot moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 1992 to study philosophy and later attended Berklee College of Music. Adam soon followed in 1993 to attend art school with a focus in sculpture. Both found themselves in various bands; Skot in electronic bands You Shriek and Project Sphere and glam outfit Project Mosquito; Adam in indie-rock bands Lines, Robots, and the Couriers. Although they both kept busy with other projects, Skot and Adam were continually committed to each other and to their music with Blue Diner.

With his harmonic, powerful and dream-like voice, Adam Keller's influences include Dag Nasty, Elvis Costello, and the Beatles, while Skot's include My Bloody Valentine, The Cure, Cocteau Twins, Depeche Mode and The Smiths. Powerful and emotional, Blue Diner songs deal with diverse subjects ranging from street crime and drug addiction to lost love and trying to reclaim youth. They've just released their first full-length album 'In Progress'.

The band have just released their 3rd single, covering "The Figurehead" by Cure

Blue Diner on iTunes

Blue Diner on eMusic
of cindy

[23 May 2007|12:06am]

some guy added all the video clips he took from the reunion gig at The Glass House.
of cindy

[21 May 2007|07:50pm]

jesus and mary chain plays letterman tonight
of cindy

[06 May 2007|03:40pm]

is anyone here going to the nyc shows?  do you know if webster hall allows cameras?
of cindy

[26 Apr 2007|03:03pm]

so tonights the first JAMC show in about 9 years...fuckinghell..

thank god.
of cindy

kill surf city! [10 Apr 2007|10:51am]

[ mood | productive ]

i made a really awesome "KILL SURF CITY" sweatshirt and it's up on the bay if anyone's interested. it's fashioned after the legendary JAMC "Upside Down" 45! it's totally DIY (but with a professional quality), so if you're down with one of a kind stuff like that you'll love it. i've made a few more similar to the one below in different colors as well, so feel free to ask if you have any questions!

here's the link to the page as well:


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makes you want to feel.. [31 Mar 2007|09:44am]

hows about a pre-coachella warmup show? Just a little heads up:

Thursday, Apr 26
The Jesus And Mary Chain

Icarus Line
More TBA

Glass House
200 W. 2nd Street
Pomona, Ca 91766
Tickets go on sale (3/31) at 10 AM on Ticketmaster and at 12 PM at the Glass House Box office.
$30 per ticket; 2 ticket limit per person.
2 tastes|of cindy

[21 Feb 2007|10:31am]

The Jesus & Mary Chain return to play their first shows in nine years when they appear at Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio California on Friday April 27th and at the Summercase Festival in Madrid (Boadilla del Monte) and Barcelona (Parc del Forum) on July 13th and 14th. Jim Reid answers some questions:

1/ why are you doing the show now?
"Well, I would say 'why not?' there are many reasons really. Firstly it's taken this long for me and William to get to a point where it would be realistic to do it, and to some degree each of us assumed the other wouldn't be interested, and it was only after we talked about it that we realised this. Also Coachella were very persistent."

2/ The last show was in 1998?
"Yes, the last Mary Chain gig was in 1998 and was such a bloody awful mess, too much drink, too many drugs, nobody seeing eye to eye on anything and the band just blew up, and I suppose you could say this is another good reason for our reformation, cause that was no way for the Mary Chain to end."

3/ William lives in LA and you live in Devon?
"You can imagine the problems this presents."

4/ Who else is in the band?
"On bass it's Phil King, on drums it's Loz Colbert, and on second guitar is Mark Crozer, and of course myself and William."

5/ Will there be more shows and an album?
"I really don't know. Maybe. I think we would like to and we're looking at another show or 2."

6/ Are William and yourself working on solo albums?
"Yes, both are at the recording stage at the moment, and both will hopefully be out later in the year."

of cindy

[25 Jan 2007|06:21pm]

fark "amusing" tag

But wait, there's more -- The Jesus and Mary Chain to reunite for Coachella also. Only the cool Farkers care

the comments are pretty funny.
I'll try to head on to this concert.
1 taste|of cindy

RE: Re-Reverberation [24 Jan 2007|11:36pm]

from Alan McGee's Myspace blog:

Alan McGee, who signed The Jesus & Mary Chain to their record deal, spoke exclusively to 6 Music about whether the rumours were indeed true:

"If ever a band wasn't given their just desserts it's The Jesus and Mary Chain. Without them there'd be no Stone Roses, no Oasis and no Libertines. The Jesus and Mary Chain reinvented rock 'n' roll in 1985 with their first album Psycho Candy. The bands that we all love in Britain were all inspired by The Jesus and Mary Chain whether they know it or not. It'd be great if they got back together they're an amazing group."
of cindy

honey's - not dead [23 Jan 2007|11:22pm]

this is the first i heard of them being back in action. details welcome.

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